The final key stage of the International British Curriculum is Key Stage 5 and is for students aged 17-18 years.  During this 2 year stage, students are prepared for the Advanced Level qualifications or A Levels of the University of Cambridge (CIE) examination board.


At this stage, there is greater emphasis on student responsibility for their own self-directed study time, their independence and resilience.  This along with the support of their tutor and subject teachers, provides our students with the stepping stone required for their transition to University, Apprenticeship or the World of Work. At Key Stage 5, we typically have 8 to 10 students per year group and 15 students is our maximum figure per class.  Currently, we have 5-8 students in each subject lesson.


The A Level programme consists of a rigorous programme of study, which is recognised worldwide as an excellent means of entry to university. Most universities require the equivalent of three good Advanced Level passes for entry.

A Level study is a good academic option for students from all over the World. The smaller class sizes at ISCS guarantee individualised teaching and learning, support and advice that is intrinsic to students reaching their academic potential. 


At Key Stage 5, students can choose from a list of 11 A Level subjects that they will study for 2 years and are highly regarded and recognised all around the World.

At ISCS, we recommend that students choose 3 subjects and in exceptional circumstances, based on previous attainment and results, students may take 4 A Levels.  Each student is advised and supported to choose the best suitable options open to them.



At ISCS, we have high expectations of our students and require the following criteria to be met for consideration onto the A Level programme at ISCS:-