For students aged 14 to 16, ISCS offers the well-known International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme as part of our International Cambridge Curriculum. With innovative methodologies, inquiry-based learning, learning by doing, and collaborative learning among many more, we encourage students to have an active role in their learning process to give them the tools to be successful.
In this two-year course, pupils must choose a minimum of four compulsory subjects and three optional subjects.
Compulsory subjects are: English as a First Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Co-ordinated Sciences (a Double Award IGCSE in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
Optional subjects are: German, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Art, History, and Spanish.


The normal number for a student to take is between 6 and 10 IGCSEs, but this will very much depend on what their educational journey has looked like when they begin at ISCS. All students should take English, Maths and Science. Most students will take German and Computer Science. We have other options available such as Art & Design, History and Business Studies.

This depends on the subject and options being studied. Some subjects have coursework that is completed during the two years and counts as a percentage towards the final grade. Some subjects are entirely based on exams at the end of two years. Some subjects, like languages, have different components that students prepare for.

IGCSEs are accessible to all students who have a solid grasp of English as a language of instruction - the grading system is from A*-G with A* being the highest. Most universities ask for 5 IGCSEs at C or above to be considered for entry. At ISCS, we have a track record of securing the highest grades for our students to enable them to move on to their chosen next steps.