Our mission

Our mission is to provide an outstanding international education founded on a family-centered environment. Ours is a holistic culture of excellence in which all contribute.

We are committed to inspiring and empowering students to fulfill their individual potential and to help them grow into respectful global citizens who shape the future of our changing world.

Our values


We respect the needs and rights of each member of our community.

We encourage listening, understanding and supporting alternative points of view.

We show care, kindness and compassion toward others.

We treat the environment inside and outside of our school with respect.


We have a hunger for excellence: for being outstanding both personally and academically.

We encourage forward-thinking and thinking outside-the-box.

We provide outstanding teaching supported by thorough learning plans tailored to the individual needs of our students.

We develop confidence by supporting the acquisition and development of key skills and abilities.

We are responsible, accountable and honest in our actions.

International Mindedness

We embrace diversity.

We recognise the cultures, languages, perspectives and experiences of our local and global communities.

We ensure a strong level of  international awareness, engagement and understanding.

We embrace every opportunity to connect to our Swiss community.



Our Ultimate Goal is the Success of our Students, which is built on four pillars

English Language of Instruction

We are a Cambridge International school.  Aside from language lessons, our lessons are delivered in English across the school to allow our students to master their knowledge in English.

German as a Core Subject

We at ISCS place a strong effort on the acquisition of the German language, since it provides a great value to our students’ future endeavours. By learning German, our students may have the opportunity to access  Swiss or German speaking universities. These universities offer affordable rates for quality education.


Cambridge International Education

We provide students with a well-rounded education so that the students may access the most recognised universities in the world.

Holistic Education

Through educational experiences, we support our students to explore and discover their gifts and talents and to develop important skills and values to guide them throughout their life.