In Year 12 and 13, the last two years of school, students are prepared for the Advanced Levels, Advanced Subsidiary examinations (AS) in Year 12 and Advanced Level (A) in Year 13, of the University of Cambridge (CIE) examination board.

The Advanced Levels consist of a rigorous programme of study and are recognised worldwide as an excellent means of entry to university. Most of the AS courses are studied in Year 12 and each course is the first part of the full A level. The second part, called A2, is normally studied in Year 13. Many students finish with three or four full A levels. Most universities require the equivalent of three good Advanced Level passes for entry.

Subjects taken at ISCS

Each student is advised as to the most suitable options open to them. Normally it is recommended that each student takes between three and four (AS) in Year 12 and continues with three A levels (A2) in Year 13.

Admission into Year 12 will require at least five IGCSE passes (grade C) and acceptance by the school on at least three Advanced Subsidiary (AS) courses. It is expected that for AS and A level a grade A or B is achieved at IGCSE for the subject that the student wishes to study. As an example: To take Physics A level, an A or B grade in Extended Maths and Coordinated Sciences (Extended) at the IGCSE level is necessary. In some cases a student may achieve only ‘C’ grades. In this case the school will meet with parents and the pupil concerned and plan the most appropriate programme of study.

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