The International School of Central Switzerland is committed to Diversity, Inclusion, Passion and Understanding. The Guidance Counselor, through a variety of assessments with associated Individualised Education Plans (IEPs), and engagement activities, will provide every student with the opportunity to achieve self-confidence, psychological/academic expansion and to learn in a safe environment while reaching his/her long-term potential.


Upon student admission, our Admission Department will require the most recent school/psychological evaluations of the student to have an initial understanding of performance and behaviour. Followed by this step, Guidance Counselor will perform a variety of internal assessments to analyze the student’s non-academic and academic learning challenges. As a result, an Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) will be created, based on the student’s needs, that will provide relevant learning opportunities for him/her. The student progress will be monitored during the school year with formal and informal assessments. Parents will receive an overview of the student’s progress two times per school year.