Middle School starts at the age of 11 in the British System, which involves Years 7, 8 and 9. Years 7 to 9 are known as Key Stage Three and here pupils follow the full range of the Cambridge International Curriculum, taught by our excellent specialist teachers, in a student-centered education. Subjects include core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Global Perspectives. Moreover, it focuses on giving students the best preparation for the future, with subjects such as Computer Science and Art & Design. Also, German is one of the pillars of the education offered, which allows international students to know better the culture where they will be leaving and reinforces the education of the local students. In addition, students receive enrichment opportunities like Spanish or French, Physical Education to promote sports and healthy habits, and leadership programme which allows students to develop important skills for the future. Finally, we also provide with Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education through PSHE. 

We are committed to giving learners the confidence and tools they need to be effective, life-long learners. Pupils are encouraged to delve into issues of personal, local, and global significance and to holistically approach and understand the knowledge they acquire.


German is a core subject in our school as we believe that all students should be able to communicate and integrate in their own community. In Key stage 3, there are 3 hours of differentiated taught lessons per week plus bespoke after school workshops in German.

We have the benefit of small class sizes, which means we are able to tailor our teaching and learning to our students.

Students have many opportunities to mix with other year groups in the school year and all students are part of a linear House Team that includes students from each Year group. We encourage mixed participation through a variety of activities such as Inter-house competitions each half term, after-school clubs & workshops as well as International Sports Fixtures in the local area. Students play sports and socialise at break and lunchtimes. Our ethos is inclusive and family orientated.

We are fortunate to use the incredible sports facilities in our local area and maintain our link with the local community. These include the Sportplatz Röhrliberg sports hall, track and swimming pool, the local wanderweg trails, Puregym, Seeweg Baadi and the football club SC Cham.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students have their work marked and graded in line with the Cambridge Success Criteria on an ongoing basis so that teachers can ascertain if they are making progress. In the Summer Term in May, there is a whole school examination period where students will sit a final exam for each subject. This gets them used to the exam conditions they will experience at IGCSE and A Level.

Effort Overview for Parents:

In Secondary, the effort put in by our students is extremely important. When students give their full effort they will reach their potential. We monitor effort based on the 4 ISCS cornerstones of 'Attitude to learning, Meeting Deadlines, Independent Learning' & 'Knowledge & Understanding'. Students are familiar with this language and are scored from 1 high - 5 low. Every half term, Parents will receive these scores for each of their son/ daughter's subjects to see what the effort scores are like in relation to the Grades they are achieving (A*-G).

Parents' Evenings:

We have face to face evenings throughout the year so that the Secondary Team can meet with Parents. We always begin the year with a 'Meet the Tutor, settling in Soirée' for all year groups then we have Year Group Parents' Evenings until the Spring Break.

Year 9 is the Foundation Year for IGCSE and subject teachers are already using the expectations, skills and content of IGCSE to plan their teaching. This year we invite parents and students to a Curriculum evening to share information about the IGCSEs. Here we talk through the different subjects, discuss the Core and Optional subjects, provide a prospectus and the deadlines for making choices. Parents make appointments with subject teachers to discuss progress and to learn more detail about each area.

All our students have a designated Form Tutor who they will see each day for 30 minutes. This Teacher will support students with their every day needs and advise them throughout the school year. A Year group and its Form Tutor will follow a Pastoral Programme together and will be the first point of contact for Parents as they will liaise with the rest of the Teaching Team.

Yes, of course. We encourage our students to get involved wherever and whenever they can!

We have an NGO where students raise funds and run a Kiosk enterprise for the schools' charities and we have a Student Council who meet each week.

We also have the Leadership Programme where students need to demonstrate commitment to two different disciplines; a co-curricular project plus a Social Action Project. This programme is designed to encourage Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Resilience, Reflection and Creative Thinking and is timetabled each week. The Programme is acknowledged in school as well as with a Global Social Leaders Award when successful.

There are also Tutoring Entreprises run by the students to support their peers in Primary school with literacy and numeracy skills, as well as student ambassadors who represent the school whenever they can.